This Weeks Reader November 3, 2007  

Saturday, November 03, 2007

I read many really good blogs during the week, which I link posts to in the reader on my sidebar. But, there are always those excellent posts I feel especially obligated to point out to my readers, whether because they're funny or thought-provoking. Here's my sampling for this week.

Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality shows exactly why I don't eat meat (mostly) at fast food restaurants. I can't bring myself to eat Taco Bell mushy ground beef or McDonald's nasty beef patties anymore.

Mark Hoofnagle discusses the current US government's role in consumer protection at denialism blog.

At A Wide Angle View of India, Nita discusses whether torture is a necessary evil.

Jason Kuznicki at Positive Liberty writes about waterboarding.

Evanescent explains being Atheist or Anti-Theist and questions belief in the Apocalypse.

Greta Christina ponders consciousness and selfhood at her blog.

At No More Hornets the Exterminator ponders whether souls will need clothes in heaven.

John at Evolving thoughts continues his discussion on explaining religion in Part III: Is Religion Adaptive?

PZ Myers briefly discusses the influence of religion on our civilization at Pharyngula.

At Symbolic Order, Aaron Powell argues that atheism offers freedom from sin but not freedom from morality.

At The Evilutionary Biologist, John Dennehy explains how scientists took apart a Tobacco Mosaic Virus and then put it back together back in his Weekly Citation Classic series.

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