Photography: Fall Foliage  

Monday, November 16, 2009

After shooting with Kandyce one of the lenses I became interested in was her Lensbaby Composer, which is a low-cost tilt-shift type of lens. Kyle Hepp uses a tilt-shift for a lot of her photography and the results are very good.

So I ordered a Lensbaby and set out on my fall photo shoot with the goal of photographing fall color. Only it was freezing cold and overcast. I tried again a couple of weeks later before the last of the color faded with a different aperture and I think the results are better. I'm not sure if it was because I wasn't sure how to use the lens or because the subject matter wasn't the best choice for the lens, but the pictures kind of hurt my eyes. Less blurring would probably help. Next time I'll try it on architecture to see how that works.

(The Composer adjusts aperture by changing out black disks against the lens. A tool is used to magnetically capture the disk and then a new one is dropped in. It's not as easy as selecting a different setting on the camera, so I didn't change the aperture while shooting.)

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