Americas Psychic Challenge November 16, 2007  

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Welcome to the second episode of the Quarter Finals! The four contestants this week were Jeff, M.W., Michelle, and Joseph. The three tasks were finding a missing child, finding the room with no emotion, and reading the relationship between two women.

Task #1: Finding the Child
For this task the psychics were given 30 minutes to find a child hidden on a 17 acre farm. Now, first I must point out that the child hid in the first 1000 yards or so, mentioning that the farm was 17 acres was a complete red herring for the show. The child's mother was there and the contestants were each given his shirt, though it was a different color with different psychics so maybe this exercise took place over the course of a couple of days.

An investigator (I think?) judged each psychic based on how close they came to finding the child and how certain they were with his location.

Joseph was up first. He began walking towards where he thought the child was. A map of the child and where he was walking was up on the television screen. After making a sharp V in a right turn away from the child, he managed to find him in 4 minutes and 12 seconds. That seems pretty impressive. He was awarded 23 points.

Michelle was next and she wandered along in a wide sweep, not finding the child in 30 minutes and by the end only indicating a wide area where he could be. She admits to working with the police to find missing children and characterized her performance as embarrassing. She was awarded 8 points.

Jeff was third and ran directly for the child, claiming that he could feel the child's vibrant energy and hear directions in his head, finding him in 1 minute and 24 seconds. Now that's really impressive. I wonder though, if he spotted the child from the hill he started on. My husband pointed out that the child was wearing a blue shirt that didn't blend in and even though he was hiding behind a mesh blind, it was possible to see him from where the contestants started. Jeff was awarded 25 points.

M.W. was last wandered around in a haphazard manner for 30 minutes. At one point she asked if she was getting warmer or cooler, but the host didn't answer. At the end she indicated she thought the child was in an area opposite of where he was. She was awarded 6 points.

Task #2: Find the Room without Emotion
For this task the psychics had guess which room had no emotion. Like last week 5 sheds were set up (without roofs, but with doors) that this time held 4 people. The emotions they were giving off were: #2 tranquility, #3 joy, #4 discomfort, and #5 sorrow. Door #1 had no one behind it.

M.W. was first. At one point the host asked her if she was nervous. She said, yes, after her performance on the last task she was. He replied that she didn't get to the second round on accident. Which, if you think about it, yes, it probably was a mixture of luck and psychological cold reading, so coincidence or luck might be a correct assessment.

In any case she selected door #3 or joy (man listening to music via headphones). After she learned the correct door (#1) she said she in the parking lot she knew it was #1, but second guessed herself. Mmmmm.. that's a common psychic claim. They knew the right answer, but for some reason didn't select it. M.W. was awarded 0 points.

Which makes me think of one thing. The psychics are all driven around in a black SUV-type vehicle. The show shows them talking to each other, presumably between tasks. I wonder if they're driven to a task and one by one each psychic performs it. Do the psychics get back in the SUV afterwards with the psychics that haven't gone yet? I don't know that's the case, but if it is, it blows the entire task because it's possible for them to tell the others the correct answer (though it'd be silly to in a competition, but still possible).

Michelle went next. She immediately picked #1 before the host even finished explaining. This is reminiscent of the task when she found a guy in the trunk (hatchback trunk) of a car. She was correct and she said she just knew the answer. She was awarded 25 points.

Jeff was next and he explained that he was an empath, but that it doesn't work when the emotion is weak. Yeah, nice excuse. He selected door #2, which was the room with discomfort (man with his feet in ice). He was awarded 0 points.

Joseph was last and decided to try remote viewing. He warned the host that he'd never tried it before but he was hoping it would help him. Somehow he was able to get it to work on his first try, and yet because of that he didn't trust the results. At first he thought it was either #1 or #4, but then after "seeing" #1 was empty with remote viewing, he chose #5. It makes no sense, and yet, in his psychic wackiness explanation it seemed to make sense to him. He was awarded 0 points.

Task #3: Read the Relationship
The last task was to read the relationship between two women. The women met on an internet board for organ donors. Both women were advocates of living organ donation and one was a match for the other, who needed a kidney. They met in person at the hospital where one gave her kidney to the other.

I admit, that's a hard relationship to discern just from looking at two people. Let's see how the psychics did.

Jeff went first and buttered up one of the ladies by telling her she was psychic. Then he said the other lady was like a grandmother (though they were near the same age it seemed from looking at them) or a mother figure.

He then told the other lady there was some connection with the military and fear. When she started to ask him a question he said, "Yes." I have no idea what she was going to ask, but then it shows a clip from later where she's talking about her brother serving in Jordan (I think?).

Then Jeff says that they've known each other 1 1/2 - 2 years and they have a healing, kindred, loving relationship.

Now most of what he said is way off base or obvious. The hits (military figure and how long they've known each other) are lucky hits with a bit of cold reading.

Michelle was next. She asked them their birth signs and then warned one of the women to be careful and seek a doctor for some issue she was having in her female area or abdominal area. She scored big points for that because, you know, that's just like coming out and saying "kidney". Then she mentioned some names Michael, Mark, M, and David. One lady had brothers named Mark and David. Guess what, so do I? How could she have known? Not because they're common names, could she? She didn't even say what they're relationship was, just mentioned the names. Certainly a lot of people know Marks and Davids.

She also mentioned that they were bonded by grief, pain, and loss and were kindred spirits. The lady that had the transplant's father died from kidney failure, so that was a hit. But how many people have not had grief and loss in their lives (by middle age)?

Joseph went third and he started out by talking about their spirit energies. Then she mentioned the father I mentioned above and told the other lady that she was in some way related to horses. He saw horses all around her. Oh boy.

Then he said they had a relationship like mother/daughter (miss) and mentioned seeing a ring and commitment. One lady said in a scene from later, "It's a pretty big commitment giving up a kidney." Well, yeah, but not a marriage commitment, which is what a ring symbolizes.

M.W. was last. She said she saw a feminine figure in a habit. I'm not sure if she was trying to say that they were nuns or knew nuns or maybe were haunted by nuns? Then she mentioned she could see one of them had a huge heart with wings. Huh? And that they had a sister-like love for one another. And capped it off by saying they had "a mutual love for something." Really? I love cats? Anyone else share that sentiment?

The Results
The points were revealed in the end. Michelle received 30 points for her guesses about the abdominal area and the name hits, giving her a total of 63 (8+25+30) points, which was enough to move on.

M.W. only received 5 points for pointing out they shared "something" for a total of 11 (6+0+5), which is dismal. She was sent packing. The sad thing is that she seems like a really nice lady and she really seems to believe she has these powers. I wonder if something like this might shake her up a bit.

The last spot was between Jeff and Joseph. Jeff so far had received 25 points and Joseph 23. So how well did they do? Although the ladies accepted the ring vision for commitment pretty strongly, they only awarded him 10 points. Jeff received 20 for his military connection guess, though he never did figure out any connection between the two ladies.

So that means that Michelle and Jeff will compete next week with Lynn and Jackie in the semi-finals.

Viewer Participation
At each commercial break they show items and ask the viewers to use their psychic powers to determine the outcome. So how did I do this week?

At the first break they showed three men and asked which man juggled: left, right, or center. I selected right, but the correct answer was center.

At the second break a child was shown with a set of toys: a football, a stuffed animal, a truck, and a rattle. Which was his favorite? If you're paying attention you'll notice that there's four choices. There's never been four choices before. I selected the truck, but I was wrong again. After the commercials the child selected the stuffed animal.

At the third break a roulette wheel is shown with three colors on it: red, black, and green. Which color would the ball land on. I selected black (Matt selected green). It landed on black.

Which makes me 0 for 3 tonight, or 9 out of 18 total. I'm back to 50/50.

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