Americas Psychic Challenge November 23, 2007  

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Welcome to the second episode of the Semi-Finals. For this episode we have Lynn and Jackie who won the first Quarter Final round and Michelle and Jeff who won the second Quarter Final round.

Task #1: Remote Viewing
For this task the psychics were required to use remote viewing to tell as much as they could over a telephone about the man on the other line and the location. The location is the Queen Mary, you know, the ship in LA that's supposed to be haunted that's permanently docked. Last Comic Standing housed its contestants for episode four. The man works on the ship, I believe, as a tour guide? I didn't catch his exact profession.

The psychics were given 20 minutes to state what they saw from a remote location about the boat and about the man.

Lynn was up first. She asked him if he spoke another language, French, and he did. Then she mentioned that he was a world traveler and that there was a hotel nearby. She also mentioned petroleum, Russia, a park bench, water, and a boat. All of those were hits in a general sense. We did not get to see the misses she made in 20 minutes. She was awarded 18 points.

Michelle was next and she got hits on a parking lot, water, birds, an 'M' name, and that someone had drowned. She was also awarded 18 points.

Jeff was third and straight away asked the man his age, whether he was single, and whether or not he was gay. Then he guessed that the guy was a clown, and he had a hereditary cardiovascular health issue and was taking medication. He also said he saw the man in a bed, which was totally off. But I'm sure he played that off like it was the future. He was awarded 8 points.

Jackie was last and gave these general observations about the location: blue, aquarium, and beige. She said the man was interested in speaking with the dead and it had something to do with books. The man indeed was working on a commercial seance. Not a skeptic then, I take it. She was awarded 13 points.

Task #2: Match the Man with the Profession
This task was about guessing information about three men. Each man would judge the psychics and award up to 5 points. Also, the psychics were told that one of the men was a cowboy and given an additional 5 points if they guessed correctly.

The three guys were:

#1 - Ben: a children's musical/yoga teacher
#2 - Michael: a mechanic/motorcycle designer
#3 - Dan: a cowboy

They had 20 minutes.

Lynn was first. She talked Michael the most stating that he was mechanical and had problems with his knees, but also guessing that he was the cowboy. She made a few general guesses about the Dan relating to training and almost didn't speak to Ben. She was awarded 1 point from Ben, 4 points from Michael, 3 points from Dan, and 0 points for her cowboy guess for a total of 8 points.

Michelle went next. She immediately guessed that Ben was a cowboy and moved on to Michael, telling him he could fix anything and that he had issues with his knees. She guessed that Ben was in business and drank a lot, but also was involved in training. She was awarded 0 points from Ben, 5 points from Michael, 1 point from Dan, and 0 points for her cowboy guess for a total of 6 points. She complained about only getting 1 point from Dan, but she wasn't really accounting for her misses.

Jackie was next and she pulled her spooky voodoo white serpent routine as usual. She guessed Ben was the cowboy, I can't remember what she guessed about Michael, but she guessed that Dan was in business and should quit drinking and driving. Dan wasn't too happy and was sure to tell her (and America) that he didn't even drink once she was finished. She was awarded 0 points from Ben, 0 points from Michael, 0 points from Dan, and 0 points for her cowboy guess for a total of, well, 0 points.

Jeff was last and guessed Michael was the cowboy. He guessed that Ben was athletic. For Dan he asked if he was married, and then if he had kids. Once he'd confirmed both he guessed Dan's kid was a boy. Then he said he sensed a Ryan in his life. Dan gave him a hit because his kid's name was Rowan. He was awarded 2 points from Ben, 0 points from Michael, 2 points from Dan, and 0 points for her cowboy guess for a total of 4 points.

Task #3: Crime Scene
The last task was to read a crime scene. The crime happened in 2004. A celebrity from the 60's and 70's got in a fight in a bar and was escorted out. He came back an hour later and shot and killed the man who escorted him out. He also shot the man next to him in the back and the face. He was convicted and is serving two life terms for the murder and attempted murder.

Again, this story is recent and could be known to the psychics, especially this late in the show when they know they'll need to investigate a crime, as they have in almost every episode.

The survivor from the attack along with a private investigator were at the bar to judge the psychics.

At one point later in the episode the host says that the victim called 911. Although there were other people in the bar and he had been shot in the mouth, he called 911? It's possible that's true I suppose, but it doesn't seem likely.

Michelle went first and mentioned the following: it happened fast, there was trauma to the head, a gun was involved, there was a fight, the victim was sitting, there were two victims, a male was killed, another person was injured, and it was a closed case.

Jeff was next. The host warned him that he might get emotional and immediately Jeff started welling up. He mentioned a fight, a homicide/murder, multiple attacks, it happened fast, and that a man did it (though it almost seemed like he was saying the victim was the perpetrator.

Lynn went third and mentioned the following: it happened fast, cars screeched, there was money involved, the victim had gone through a dramatic change since then, it was a robbery, there was a fight, she felt pain in her heart like multiple stabbings, the perpetrator went home and returned, there was a gun or guns, and there was a lot of blood.

Jackie was last. She said that there was a fight prior, that there was a dispute or an argument, there was a lot of blood, there was a gun, there was a surprise attack, she identified the location of the body, she pointed out the victim as a witness to the attack, and she said the perpetrator was well-known (which they interpreted as "celebrity").

The Results
The points were revealed in the end. Michelle received 29 points for her crime scene reading, giving her the highest score for a total of 53. She is in the finals.

Jeff received 22 points points for is reading for a total of 34, which wasn't enough to continue. He was the first to be eliminated.

The last spot in the finals was between Lynn and Jackie. Jackie so far had received 13 points and Lynn 26. So how well did they do? Lynn was way off in her reading and only received 12 points. Jackie needed at least 25 to tie. And she received 33 for a total of 46.

So that means that Michelle and Jackie will compete next week in the final episode.

Viewer Participation
At each commercial break they show items and ask the viewers to use their psychic powers to determine the outcome. So how did I do this week?

At the first break they showed a man walking into a bike shop with three bikes parked outside and asked what color bike he would rent: blue, green, or red. I selected blue and he did too.

At the second break a die was thrown on a table with markers labeled 1-6. Which marker would it land on: 2, 3 or 4? I guessed 2 and was wrong. The correct guess was 4.

At the final break a painter was about to select a color: green, blue or red. I selected red, but the painter selected blue.

Which makes me 1 for 3 tonight, or 10 out of 21 total. I'm now worse than 50/50.

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