This Weeks Reader November 17, 2007  

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I am still 150 posts behind in my blog reading. I'm going to soon get to the point where I say screw it and mark them all read. But, here are a few posts that I really enjoyed when I did get a chance to read.

At Charity Navigator, Trent Stamp comments about the separation of church and state as it applies to charities.

Jon Blumefeld at The Rogue's Gallery writes about those crazy tax protesters.

As a tie in to my posts about the America's Psychic Challenge television program, Chris Hoofnagle has a post up about criminal profilers and cold readers at denialism blog.

Philly Chief discusses the Godless Delusion at You Made Me Say It.

At No More Hornets, The Exterminator asks his second Quazy Quistian Question.

Paul at Cafe Philos, explains why the notion of God will never die out.

At Whatever, John Scalzi finally posts his Creation Museum Report. Readers donated over $5,000 to the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State to torment himget him to go.

At Letters from a broad, CL Hanson writes about feminism and porn.

Skeptico gives you the tools to play cold reader bingo and posts links to interviews after the Chriss Angel challenge on Phenomenon.

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