A Week of Sunrises Jan 16 - Jan 23 2008  

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday: The clouds completely obscured the sun.

Thursday: After dumping snow, the clouds cleared. Venus can be seen.

Friday: I often leave for work before the sun has risen very far. It's difficult to get a good shot without a flash, but the flash makes everything look much darker.

Friday: I stopped off on the way into work to take a picture as the sun peeked above a group of apartments, revealing the colors that were mostly hidden earlier.

Sunday: I didn't get up early enough this weekend to catch the sunrise, but there was a gorgeous sunset on Sunday just behind my mother-in-law's place.

Monday: A video camera would have captured the sky better on Monday as fast-moving clouds exposed a little pink in the sky occasionally before turning back to blue and gray.

Tuesday: A rather disappointing picture of a moon set.

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