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Thursday, January 03, 2008

OK, a couple more dog pictures. I couldn't resist.

My friends of mine are accusing me of being a dog lover and only taking pictures of the animals at family events. Well, there's two reasons for that. No one will let me take their picture. I actually threatened my mother-in-law that unless she let me take a picture of her I would post a picture of her butt (in jeans, of course) on the internet. She didn't and I can't, so that threat went no where. The other reason is that even if I took a picture, none of them would want their picture on the internet. And I can respect that level of privacy. After all, have you seen any pictures of me here?

But in reality, I never grew up with dogs and it's only with my mother-in-laws dogs that I've grown comfortable. But at heart, I'm a cat lover.

(my husband took this one, btw)

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