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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

So, this month was mainly taken up by holidays and celebrations, but I did manage to finish one book. I'm a good way into Media Mythmakers as well, but not close enough to finish it off before the end of the year.

Read in December
Darwin's Ghost - Steve Jones

Currently Reading
Media Mythmakers: How Journalists, Activists, and Advertisers Mislead Us - Benjamin Radford
This is the only one I'm actually reading a the moment.
Death by Black Hole and Other Cosmic Quandaries - Neil deGrasse Tyson
I'm starting this one as soon as it comes in for a book club
The Plague - Albert Camus
This is the next Nonbelieving Literati selection

Coming Up Next
Seasons - Robert Frost
Galaxy in Flames (The Horus Heresy) - Ben Counter
A History of the End of the World - Jonathan Kirsch
Spirit Gate - Kate Elliott
Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea - Carl Zimmer
Dark Tower - Stephen King
The Lucifer Effect - Philip Zimbardo
The Android's Dream - John Scalzi
The Canon: A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science - Natalie Angier

Friends of mine also gave me a lovely gift card to Half Price Books and I picked up a few more selections that I'm really excited about, but I know it will be several months before I get to read them.

The Universe - Edited by Byron Priess
This is another like The Planets I read last year with a mix of science essays and science fiction short stories.
The Eye of Heron - Ursula LeGuin
The Wave in the Mind - Ursula LeGuin
A collection of essays, which should be interesting.
Annie's Box: Charles Darwin, His Daughter, and Human Evolution - Randal Keynes
Mushrooms: Favorite Recipes - Andrea Kosslinger and Sibylle Reiter
This one's a gift. I don't like mushrooms.

Not to mention I have God is Not Great on audiobook read by Hitchens that I hope to listen to sometime this month now that I'm mostly caught up on podcasts.

So much to read, so little time. And right now video games seem to be taking up much of my time.

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