Blogroll Update IV  

Friday, December 28, 2007

I need to do these more often. I've added so many blogs to my reader lately that I can hardly keep up, but they're all worth it. Here are some blogs I'm adding to my blogroll today.

An Apostate's Chapel
From the desks of the chaplain and the deacon are well-thought posts about life and religion from an atheistic world-view.

An Atheist Homeschooler
Ute shares her life as an atheist and a homeschooling mom.

Atheist Rants
Poodles talks about life as an atheist living in Salt Lake City.

Atheist Revolution
VJack posts about atheism and Christian extremism in America.

Dikki's Diatribe
Dikkii posts about life, religion, politics, and music from Australia.

"Thoughts from an incurable math-lover" and poetry.

Comments on life, politics, and religion from an atheistic point of view.

Videos and comedic stories from "a godless heathen".

Commentary on news, politics, and religion from an "individualist, transhumanist, atheist, pragmatist, hedonist, and regular guy".

The Daily Coyote
Daily notes and pictures of Charlie, a coyote rescued when he was 10 days old.

The Greenbelt
History, literature, commentary on news and religion from The Ridger, FCD - "(I know Evolution is a fact - that's FCD, Friend of Charles Darwin)".

the meme pool:
Comments on science and religion from The Lifeguard.

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