Short You Tube Tutorial  

Thursday, August 02, 2007

There was a comment about embedding You Tube videos and I thought it'd be easier to answer in a short posts. You can't post pictures in the comments.

There's a really easy way to embed You Tube videos in blog posts if you're viewing it from within a webpage. If you click the Menu button on a video you'll see two buttons - embed and url. Click on the embed button and you'll see something like below:

You Tube has made it very easy with the Copy to Clipboard button. Just copy the embed text and paste it into your post.

If you're on the actual You Tube site you can do just about the same thing.

Just copy the Embed text and paste it into your blog post. If you want to send a link to someone via email or just post a link, use the URL text.

And yeah, I made this post because I love using SnagIt.

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