Review: Little Miss Sunshine (2006)  

Monday, August 13, 2007

I started watching this film one day when I was off work while my parents were visiting. I think I was waiting on my parents to be up and about for the day. Originally I thought I'd watch it with my parents until Matt pointed out that it's R rated. I wasn't sure what made the rating R in it, but I figured I wouldn't take the chance of showing it to my parents.

I didn't think Matt would like it very much based on the synopsis of the movie, so it was the perfect movie to watch alone. I got about halfway through it before I realized that Matt really would like it. It's a funny movie. I can't see why anyone wouldn't like it (unless they find it too crude or objectionable).

The characters are what draw you in. Abigail Breslin's character was very sweet in the movie and Greg Kinnear's was such an asshole. You feel for Dwayne. You want to scream at them all sometimes, but mostly you want to help them succeed or laugh at their humanity. We've all felt like each one of them before.

It's a good movie. See it if you haven't already.

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