Review: Cube (1997)  

Friday, August 10, 2007

*** Spoilers ***

I didn't see this movie during its theatrical release, but I did see it via Netflix a few months ago. While it definitely was an interesting concept, I don't know if it played out as well as I had hoped. I kept expecting more of an explanation to come out at the end of the movie and to have one of the captives revealed as a (the?) captor, similar to Saw.

I should be happy that the movie wasn't as predictable as I first thought, but instead i was just disappointed. Although the movie was good at portraying human relationships under stress, it was too obvious. But wait, I just said it wasn't predictable, right? It wasn't predictable because I was expecting more.

Still, even though I was a little disappointed by the transparency of the story, I did enjoy the characters - even the parts that were over-the-top. If you are looking to rent a movie and don't mind a simple story then it's worth a rent.

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