Friday Breakfast Part II  

Friday, June 12, 2009

For the second part of breakfast I made two of PW's quiches, although these are normal depth, so they're one batch of her recipe. I added a couple of extra eggs and some extra cream though because they didn't seem full enough.

What's better than a pound of bacon? A pound of barbeque bacon? Yep, I found some at the grocery store. For the meat-lovers quiche I added the bacon, a cup of cheddar cheese, a little cilantro, and some ancho pepper. I cooked it for half an hour last night before allowing it to cool and refrigerating it. It was still very jiggly when I took it out of the oven and I hope it cooks the rest of the way today without any problems.


For the veggie-lovers I added spinach, mushrooms, and chives to the base quiche and I forgot the mozzarella cheese until this morning, so it's going on top. Ooops. I do not like mushrooms, but these did look pretty in the quiche (or they did before adding the cheese).


The colors on the pictures were really difficult to get right. They're sort-of edited, but the florescent lights are difficult, especially with green.

I'll have to add the after pictures later because I'm running late and I have an 8:30 meeting.

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