Catawba County, NC Fall 2008  

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sunday morning I decided to take a little tour of Catawba County, where my sister lives, because it was on my way to the South Mountains.

I didn't really see everything, of course, but I was able to highlight an old church and graveyard, and some of the local scenery. Click on the link to see the pictures larger and in more detail.

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The graveyard was really interesting. I've seen older gravestones in Boston, and these weren't as well preserved. Anything older than around the 1860's was pretty much illegible, although a tracing might have revealed more.

I mentioned to my sister how all of those people wanted to be remembered, or at least their families wanted them to be remembered, and yet after a few centuries the headstones are illegible. She said that the families in the area have been there for centuries, including her husband's family, and they know who's buried where. It's a badge of pride to have family buried in the oldest graveyard in the county.

I never really lived in any one place for very long and I've never felt any place was really home. I moved when I was young from Illinois to North Carolina. I had some objection to being a Southerner, so I never settled in there like my brothers and sister did. Even here in Kansas I feel rootless. I can't even conceptualize having family in the same place for generations.

Oh, another little thing I noticed. Many of the tombstones are shaped like a sheeted ghost. You know, the bump of a head and two arms outstretched, the rest a formless body. I wonder if that had anything to do with people seeing ghosts.

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