A Week of Sun June 4 - 10, 2008  

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This week should be called the week of storms instead of sun, but that's been ongoing now for several weeks.


Deep blue and about as clear as it's going to get - 5:57 AM CDT


A little more cloudy - 5:59 AM CDT


Storms start rolling in - 6:03 AM CDT


Not a true sunset, but the sun never peeks through - 6:32 PM CDT


Leaving the restaurant we notice that the sky is dark facing West - 6:59 PM CDT

6:59 PM CDT

By the time we get home the clouds are massive and moving fast - 7:08 PM CDT

7:08 PM CDT

7:09 PM CDT

I decided to go grocery shopping anyway and got drenched about 30 minutes later - 7:17 PM CDT


The rain continues all night and into the next day - 5:54 AM CDT


The clouds (and I would guess fog, but it wasn't foggy) had a neat effect on the street lamp - 5:43 AM CDT

And you can just barely see the reflection of the street lamp on the left here as well - 5:44 AM CDT

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