The Good Peson Test  

Monday, June 09, 2008

OK, so by that standard I'm a liar because I've told something untruthful. I'm an adulterer because I've looked at someone with lust sometime in my life. I'm a murderer because I've been angry before. I'm a blasphemer because I cursed with the name of an imaginary being.

I'll take being guilty of the first and the last, but the other two are just silly. There's a difference between thought and action. That's why we don't convict people for thinking things. We're not the Orwellian thought police.

Or maybe some of us are.

Growing up in the evangelical church life was full of magical thinking. Saying that something was so would make it so. You you had to be very careful what you said. And even thinking something bad made bad things happens. Now that I know about OCDs I would say that the religious dogma resembled someone with an OCD who freely embraced the disorder.

That kind of thinking is so wrong. Thinking things doesn't make them happen. Life isn't magic. You can't wish your way into entitlement or think your way into damnation. That takes action and even actions don't necessarily lead to greatness or destitution.

Now I realize why it was so easy for me to embrace woo once I gave up on the concept of a higher being. There was still the belief that magical thinking could change the world that had to be purged.

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