This Week's Reader October 27, 2007  

Saturday, October 27, 2007

This series post is evolving. Hopefully eventually I'll have something more interesting, but for now, here are some articles that I enjoyed reading this week.

Book Reviews
The Spanish Inquisitor reviews Natalie Angier's The Canon.

John posts another excellent video by Sean B. Carroll, From Butterflies to Humans, at Evolutionary Middleman.

Eric discusses a study that found hormone levels are closely tied to mother-child bonding at The Primate Diaries.

Denialism blog tackles "The Eugenics Temptation" in an article by by Mark Hoofnagle.

Astronomy Picture of the Day has astounding pictures of Comet17P/Holmes.

Bob Novella discusses why long-term weather prediction will never be accurate at The Rogue's Gallery.

Chris Hoofnagle explains why the wireless industry restricts innovation, consumer choice, and entrepreneurship at denialism blog.

Jonathan Rowe exposes two bad arguments against the ENDA and two ways to fight terrorism at Positive Liberty.

At Trent Stamp's Take, Trent talks about the Gap's (PRODUCT) RED apparel campaign.

Culture and Religion
The romance of the self-denying woman is discussed at Kafr al-Hanadwa.

At Evolving Thoughts, John Wilkins gives several explanations for religion and also defines what religion is.

Norm at onegoodmove discusses the demands of reason.

Human Interest
Mamacita Chilena continues her series with her story of "Not Chubby Anymore: How I got off my butt and lost 50 pounds" in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

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