This Weeks Reader October 13, 2007  

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Here's a grab bag of posts that I really enjoyed this week. I hope you enjoy them too.

Horror Movie A Day reviews The Descent.

The Kansas City Star has an article on Atheists on the rise, which I at first had hope for, but after reading I think had a decidedly negative spin.

Steven Novella explains the fallacy of why atheists have no rights at the Rogue's Gallery.

A Chinese company and maker of the MMORPG King of the World is requiring female players to prove their sex via webcam in order to play a female character. No men will be allowed to play a female character.

Jason Kuznicki at Positive Liberty writes about Digital Piracy of the State-Sponsored Variety about the first case of copyright infringement to go before a jury. The judgement leveled? This single mother will have to pay $220,000 for sharing 24 songs. The RIAA threatens this could happen to anyone who doesn't settle with them out of court.

John at Evolutionary Middleman posted a video of one of Sean B Carroll's lectures on evolution.

Rebecca Watson at The Rogues Gallery and Memoirs of a Skepchick wrote a pre-review of the new Lifetime series "America's Psychic Challenge."

Nigel Warburton at the virtual philosopher argues why science teachers shouldn't handle questions about creationism sensitively.

PZ Myers at Pharyngula has an article up about Left Behind Games threatening reviewers who gave their game poor reviews with lawsuits, including a Christian charity.

Christopher Heard at Higgaion posts a video of what music may have sounded like 4,500 years ago in Summeria. It sounds a bit more Casio than ancient to me, but I know very little about music theory and can rarely pick out subtleties. It was fun to listen to and think about in any case.

Jessica Snyder Sachs explains why you should get your flu shots this year.

Richard Dawkins pays tribute to Dan Dennett.

PZ Myers writes about DonorsChoose , a charity that helps poor kids in the classroom.

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