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Monday, October 08, 2007

I was bored yesterday and started looking through the search terms that led people to my blog. I can see how just about all of them generated hits, except for maybe Gods Tube. Though I imagine I must have been pretty low on some of those hit lists. But they're sometimes odd terms and some gave me a bit of a laugh.

A few of them are posted below, both the ridiculous and mundane.

john stossel approach on ghost
randi fraud dragoncon
dragoncon zombies 2007
howto embed youtube in blogger
Girl in Vertigo
Gods Tube
chris clark not asshole guide pandragon
chris hoofnagle lakeside
a wide dream of an ordinary girl
I'm just an ordinary girl with a simple and happy life
ill wife
creative writing short story assignment
christian themed blogger
mark moffre
alison smith skeptic
received a verbal job offer but its been a week since and still haven't received a written offer
difference between magic and coincidence

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