Innocent? Bah!  

Sunday, June 03, 2007

You are White Chocolate

You are White Chocolate
You are sweet, caring, and truly very innocent.
Whether your naive ways are a bit of act or not, people like to take care of you.
You are a quiet flirt, and your power is often underestimated!

(via Janet)

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2 comments: to “ Innocent? Bah!

  • mamacita chilena
    Sunday, June 3, 2007 at 2:38:00 PM CDT  

    I really appreciated your comment. I am married to a Chilean guy (as you have probably figured out by now, hahaha!) and we tried to get him a visa to the US. Yeah, didn't work. We spent a lot of time and money trying to be able to live in the US and after all that we got approved but never followed up for the next step, which is the interview. The US claims they're waiting on paperwork from Chile and Chile claims it doesn't have the paperwork from the US. Probably the most frustrating thing I have ever been through in my life, because I KNOW for a fact that both ends have the paperwork that they need. I mailed it to them probably three times. It pisses me off beyond belief that I am a US citizen yet I cannot marry whoever I want and live with him in my own country. He has no criminal record, he is a civil engineer, graduated from a world renowned university, there is no reason for this process to be that difficult.

    And then, let's talk about the illegal immigrant workers. Our economy and agriculture industry need them. I get furious when I hear people say, well if they want to be here they should get papers and come over legally. HELLO! Its just not that easy. If its next to impossible for me, it must be literally impossible for a unskilled worker with no relations to come over illegaly. Do people in the US honestly think these people are risking their lives crossing the border in the middle of the desert because they are too lazy to wait in line?!?

    Sorry, I know this is a huge tangent! You touched on a subject that is near and dear to my heart. And I seriously really appreciated your comment because I feel like the average US citizen really thinks that the immigration process is easy. So it was nice to hear from someone who is knowledgeable on the subject!

    I hope you have a fantastic day, and are enjoying your time with your parents! Take care!

  • Venjanz
    Tuesday, June 5, 2007 at 11:51:00 PM CDT  

    Milk Eh?

    A total dreamer, you spend most of your time with your head in the clouds.You often think of the future, and you are always working toward your ideal life. Also nostalgic, you rarely forget a meaningful moment... even those from long ago.


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