Monday, June 11, 2007

My absence has continued even though my parents left days ago. At least, I think they left. They were supposed to leave Thursday morning. They wouldn't have stayed without telling me, would they?

I haven't done much blog reading and writing because I haven't felt motivated to do anything lately. I feel completely drained. Well, today I probably feel completely drained because I didn't sleep well last night. Other days, maybe my brain is still asking for a vacation.

My parent's visit was less stressful than expected. We didn't really do a whole lot other than visit, which is fine. I always want to plan something out for us to do, but it's too frustrating. My parents don't adhere to any kind of schedule, which doesn't bother me for the most part. They're retired. They should do what they want to do. But when they want to do something, say go see a local landmark and I tell them the operating hours, they can't seem to get going soon enough for us to make it there. The few times I tried to plan something it was too late to do anything by the time we got together.

One morning while waiting I installed Wizardry 8. Big mistake. I'm re-addicted now. It's been 4 years or so since I've played it. Long enough to forget much of the story. Even with old graphics though, it's still fun. Maybe it sucked my brain out of my head and that's why I'm feeling completely uninspired.

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