Has multiculturalism gone too far?  

Monday, April 30, 2007

The Independent has an article up about how multiculturalism is betraying women which describes several cases in Germany where Asian women were told that they could not expect the same treatment under the law as European women. I was frankly shocked.

In the case of domestic abuse performed on a woman from Moroccan heritage, it looks like the German courts and politicians are trying to rectify the matter.

I haven't been able to find information on the other cases from other sources. The names they're reported under are probably pseudonyms. In any case I would think there would be something out there about them.

Even with only that one case though it's a chilling example how accommodating culture and religion can go to far. I'm not familiar with the German constitution, which from a brief glance on Wikipedia looks mostly to define the role of government, but I don't think most Germans would agree with unequal protection under the law. Violence perpetuated against anyone should be punishable, whether it's allowed under another culture or religion, period. It's dangerous to rule otherwise.

This is the sort of example I want to point out when critics of atheism ask how atheists can have a moral compass without religion to guide them. How can people that practice religion explain this kind of behavior? Religion doesn't make people magically good. People have to want to be moral and think about their actions. Morality is in the hands of the individual. Even with a guide book of laws, people will find a way to do wrong.

And while this may be an issue with Islam today, it was also an issue with Christianity not too long ago when the general public looked the other way on women sporting bruises as long as the act of beating wasn't public. And some Christians today still advocate violence on gay men here in America.

If religion really wants a moral leg to stand on then all of these actions should be condemned.

Hat tip to venjanz

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