Favorite 100 Songs: 51-75  

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And here's my next group. I originally divided them into groups of 25 because my stereo doesn't allow me to scroll through my iPod and navigating through 100 songs wasn't very fun. I had a lot of trouble with this group. It looks nothing like what I started with.

But.. here it is. Until it changes.. next week probably.

51. Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Stevie was a master. I'm not an expert on music and this may not be his best, but it's my favorite of his.

52. Hangar 18 - Megadeth
Another master guitar performance of another flavor

53. Sparrow - Simon & Garfunkle
A very Earth Day appropriate song, with lovely harmonies

54. Paper Bag - Fiona Apple
I especially like the lines, 'He said, "It's all in your head"/I said, "So's everything", but he didn't get it'

55. Trust - Megadeth
It starts out with a drum solo. How can you go wrong with that?

56. God - Tori Amos
Quirky and funny

57. On the Radio - Regina Spektor
I have to thank Scalzi for this one. I had dismissed this artist until I read his post on this song.

58. Things That Scare Me - Neko Case
This is almost bluegrass in music, but totally different in lyrics.

59. White Room - Cream
Great music, interesting song, and well, just a really cool vibe. I wish I could find the extended version of this song. Mine fades out during the end guitar solo.

60. The Dance - Charlotte Martin
Most of the accompaniment on this song is drums (maybe bongo), but it picks up for the chorus. It's about longing, sort of.

61. My Hallelujah - Megan Slankard
It's a lot darker than the impression the title gives.

62. Love & Communication - Cat Power
I really, really like The Greatest. I haven't been able to get into her other albums.

63. Jamaica Inn - Tori Amos
It's classic Tori, even if it's missing one of her great bridges.

64. Left of the Middle - Natalie Imbruglia
I just love the vocal. Her voice is so good on this song.

65. Life by the Drop - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
I think this song is a little different than other Stevie songs and I like the reminiscing.

66. Mercy of the Fallen - Dar Williams
This entire album is definitely more polished for Dar. I thinks she really hit her stride, but I don't mind her going back to more rough-edged, folk roots.

67. Holy Wars.. The Punishment Due - Megadeth
Even if you forgot everything but the guitar this song would deserve to be here.

68. Perfect Time of Day - Howie Day
Don't make excuses, just do it.

69. Beautiful Life - Ace of Base
This is a bit of a guilty pleasure, but I always liked this song.

70. You Are What You Love - Jenny Lewis with the Thompson Twins
This is a recent purchase, but I love the entire CD. It has a lot of the old gospel feel to it, without being gospel.

71. You Love Like - Megan Slankard
"You love like being alone"

72. The Trees - Rush
I heard this a long, long time ago, but it's always stuck with me. It's a beautiful, good analogy for a lot of issues. There is no perfect answer.

73. Crescent Moon - Cowboy Junkies
This song has an ethereal feeling to it. It strikes that whole medieval, fantasy, magic chord that I enjoy in stories.

74. Collide - Howie Day
Another love song.. I must count up my love song quotient at some point. I'm sure it'll be telling.

75. Suede - Tori Amos
I especially like the end of the song. It reminds me of my niece.

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