Friday, April 20, 2007

My mother-in-law sent this story to me. Furry Kids Refuge is where she adopted one of her dogs, a very sweet dog named Mocha. This is the dog that has to sit on my lap when I visit - all 80-90 pounds of her.

But this story is about Boomer.

Hi Friends,

My name's Boomer. At least that's the name that my foster mom gave me. I like it though. It suits me perfectly, because I'm always happy and have a quick tail wag for everyone. I even love cats and like to wrestle with them.

A year and half ago, give or take a year, I was born. Right from the start I know I was different from my siblings. They crawled around easily and were up and running in weeks. But somehow my legs just didn't work the same way as theirs. I learned early hat I didn't have normal legs like my brothers and sisters. My left front leg is only half a leg, with a hook on the end. It didn't matter to me, though. I learned to run and play anyway. Unfortunately because of the way I walk, my back and hips twisted up one me. I keptrunning anyway.

Then, when I was old enough I was given away to some lady. I don't remember her so good now. It just seems so long ago. It's a little fuzzy now, but I managed to get away from her. I wasn't free for long though, for I soon found myself in the Leavenworth animal shelter. I waited there for someone to choose me to be theirs, but no one did. Finally, the day came. I had watched many animals go into that room in the back and never return. Now it was my turn. At least there would be no more pain in my twisted up body.

But a miracle happened that day. A most wonderful woman swooped me out of that place and took me to the vet. Later that very day my foster mom came for me and took me home. It was like a whole new world. I had twelve acres to run on, horses to bark at, cats and dogs to play with and a family. I had my own family! It was like heaven, only the pain of my bent back and crooked hips continued to get worse.

It wasn't long until the work of my rescuer and president of my group got me an appointment with that emergency vet's place, on animal planet, Alameda East. Dr, Taylor said I could get a permanent implant and prosthesis to help make me a more normal dog. Only first I had to have knee surgery.

My foster mom and my rescuers got me set up for knee surgery at Mission Med Vet in Kansas. I had the surgery in March and am healing well. I even got to be on TV and in the newspapers. That was exciting.

After I am done with all my surgeries I get to be a therapy dog and help kids learn to deal with the same things I've dealt with. Maybe I'll even get to go to classrooms and teach children how to care for their pets. I'm really excited about that.

But first I need my implant and prosthesis. I get to be the sixth animal in the world to get it. One day they might use this for humans and they'll learn a lot from my surgery. But it costs a lot. We have some money saved but we used most of it for my knee surgery.

Will you help me get my implant and prosthesis? I get to be on the news again afterward. Maybe you'll even get to see me or meet me one day while I work my magic in my therapy work.

Thank you friends,

If this is something you'd like to donate to or you would like to just find out more information about Boomer or follow his story, you can read about him here at the Furry Kids Refuge.

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