vista piracy and woes  

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Surprisingly Vista has outsold XP in its first full month of sales. As Dogic pointed out there are more computers than there were when XP was released, but the article points out that Vista outsold XP by twice as much.

The executives at Microsoft expected to sell 200 million copies within 24 months and they are well within that goal. So how is piracy hurting their sales? Hmmm...

When asked if people should wait for a service pack before buying Vista, Michael Sievert, corporate vice president of Windows marketing had this to say:

"Will there be a service pack? Yes, there's likely to be a service pack for Windows Vista," Sievert said, declining to give a schedule for its release. "Is it something that people should wait for before they deploy? Absolutely not."

In other news, Vista users are complaining about abnormally long times copying, files to a new location on the same hard drive. Notice that the moderator answered that extra time was needed "because many handles and processes are working simaltiousely" (spelling mistake left in). Yeah, it's a tough thing moving files around. Microsoft has only been doing it since DOS.

From the comments on the post it could possibly be related to the OS generating thumbnails for all the files, but that's just speculation. There's a hotfix available, but people are questioning the authenticity. If Microsoft would post an article about it and supply a patch, I'm sure people would be happier to try it out.

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