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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Oh, Muna, how did you let it happen?

Yes, I thought Muna on the Apprentice was great until last week's episode. She had the cool accent, the calm exterior, and well, she just seemed more professional than the other candidates. The only chink in her armor seemed to be that she complained a little too much.

Then last week when we saw her talk to much, interfering with the crew that was trying to get work done, I attributed it to editing. Shows like this know how to make people look bad before they're on their way out. It didn't bode well for her, but there was always the chance it would just be a one time thing.

Then this week it continued. I actually don't really blame her for her team's loss. I think Kristine had more to do with it. Good directing or making the decision to not let Muna in front of the camera would have fixed the problem.

But even though I find fault mostly with the PM, Muna can't get off completely free. And by the end of the episode I wasn't so sad to see her go. I have to admit that might have been softened because I was playing Heroes of Might & Magic V during the episode and I wasn't giving it my full attention.

But towards the end of the episode something interesting happened that made me pay attention. Muna, coined "The Believer" by the show, turned to the Bible and prayer to help her in the boardroom. Kristine, perhaps a bit disrespectfully, pointed out that she'd never seen God in the boardroom with Trump and she was going to read one of Trump's books instead.

It was funny because it seemed like she was poking at Trump's God-complex at the same time as she was commenting on one of my biggest pet peeves. Asking God to choose a side. It's like the people that pray for their team to win a sports competition. What makes them think that God would pick one side over the other? Is the other sports team somehow less deserving or less God-fearing? Why would God even care?

It seems presumptuous, even arrogant to think that you are more deserving of a special favor over other people. Isn't God supposed to love everyone equally? Why is that no one ever seems to believe that? Which brings me to my #1 pet peeve, "everything happens for a reason".

Yes, that's true, but the reason is not because of some big design or purpose. Everything happens for a reason because of cause and effect. I guess if God doesn't answer your prayers, then "everything happens for a reason" is the next big thing. Maybe because "God" is just a creation of our mind. Something to help us feel comforted and special in times of crisis.

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