Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I was waiting in line at my local Hobby Lobby to check out with a picture I had framed tonight. It was a long line. Only two registers were open and when one cashier was taking too long a group came over from the other line, like exiles.

They complained about the wait as the line moved slowly forward. The man standing behind me began to move forward when the line wasn't moving until he was bumping me with his items. I was a bit annoyed with him and a bit annoyed at the line.

Our cashier, who coincidentally was Asian, had to check to make sure an item was 50% off and called a manager or senior associate up to verify. And as she was basically saying, "Ah, I see," after the explanation the guy behind me blurted out, "Ah so!"

I didn't say anything as I stewed at his comment for a few minutes until the moment had passed. I wish I had turned to him and questioned him on it, but I didn't. I checked out and drove off angry.

I wish I had turned to him and in imitation of his derogatory remark said, "Asshole!"

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