Holiday Preparation  

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas preparations are almost complete, but I still have cookies to bake and a couple of grocery store runs to complete. I was planning on making more of Pioneer Woman's molasses cookies and somehow making them a little more moist this time so they don't overcook. Last time I think they got to hard after a day. My oven overheats. I still cook everything at 100 degrees below what the recipe calls for.

I also picked up dark chocolate chips with raspberry filling and decided to find a nice chocolate fudgey cookie recipe to go along with them. The Joy of Cooking had a nice one, but it's too fancy (read that as too complicated for me to want to make them in a rush). So instead I'm making these. Mmm... cookies made with cake batter.

I have an abysmally small kitchen. There's about three feet of counter space and a small strip in front of the microwave. When I cook I use all available space including the sink and the stove top. It's the only thing that makes cooking a chore. I can't wait to have a house again and a real kitchen.

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