Flower Smeller Award  

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Paul, over at Cafe Philos has bestowed upon me the Flower Smeller Award. I'm a bit dubious about it all. I wonder just how well Paul knows me. Me, the constant worrier, who has angst over the smallest choices, always looking forwards and backwards.

Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic... I certainly do strive to enjoy the moment, especially when I find myself fantasizing about changing past events. And I have learned that it's better to let things go than hold onto them. My rather lame motto is, "I'll do better next time," because I think they only positive thing that I can gain from past experiences, other than good memories, is a little more experience in the world and drive to handle tricky situations with more grace next time around.

And now, curse you Paul for making me pick more people to bestow this award on. I'm beginning to feel a bit like I'm perpetuating a chain letter, albeit a very nice chain letter without the crappy superstitious message.

I select PBS because she always finds a way to be thankful in the worst of situations, Venjanz because I really think it'd be interesting to read his post on this, and Vistaluna because he's one of the most fantastic, humble, intelligent, caring friends I have.

And now that my good deed for the day is done I'm off to eat babies, or whatever else atheists do during Christmas.

P.S. I'm still editing pictures. My weekly sun post should be out sometime this evening. For some reason I thought I needed a nap last night and never got around to getting back up.

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