History of the OTA  

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mark at denialism blog has a new article up about the history of the OTA. In it he explains "what the OTA did, how it was set up, and why I think it would be rather easy to set it up again as a non-partisan scientific body."

The OTA brought scientists into the legislative branch, not only to provide lengthy reports (which might go largely unread, or worse, be cherry-picked by members), but also to serve as sources of expert scientific information and advice directly to members of congress. This information was most effective when it went into the formulation of bills, and it was understood that the most important function of the OTA wasn't to provide talking points during congressional debate, but rather to ensure that the bills that eventually made it to the floor were worth debating.
Sign the petition to reinstate the OTA.

Contact your senator or congressman about having this office re-funded.

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