Dragon Con: Day 3  

Friday, September 07, 2007

Day 3 was the say I stopped taking pictures. I caught two in the morning, but we were in such a hurry and it was even more difficult to get around. On Saturday I didn't think it would be busier the next day.

My first talk of the day was with the lovely Dr. Pamela Gay on "The Improbable Universe." The talk was way above my head. I know next to nothing about physics. But, it was really interesting. It wasn't an event I planned to attend. I got up early to see the local dealers room, but by habit I walked into Henry and sat down. (Henry was the room that most of the science track panels were in.)

Afterwards I skipped out on the questions and browsed around the local dealers for a little bit before heading back up to Henry for "Geological Hoaxes & Frauds" hosted by George Hrab. Who should appear in the room but the glorious Flying Spaghetti Monster. Two sitings in two days! (Actually I saw her a few more times on Sunday but my mind blanked every time I would have normally thought of pictures.)

The discussion was interesting, but it turned into almost a free-for-all question and answer session with the crowd trying to take over. It was a little bit too emotionally driven for me, but Dr. Hrab tried to keep the discussion on topic and he pretty much succeeded.

That's him in the sunglasses. He seemed like a pretty neat guy. I wish I would have seen him in more panels.

After that I caught up with my friends in the local dealer rooms. We wandered around a bit, but mostly I sat and waited and tried not to fall asleep. I planned to attend the "My God is Smitier than Yours" in the afternoon, but after about 10 minutes I left. The panelists were fine, but it was a bit disorganized and I realized that I'd be better served with a nap. I slept for about 30 minutes before meeting my friends for dinner.

We talked about going to the "Cannibal Flesh Riot! and The Henchmen" short film festival, but we ended up skipping it because we were lazy. Can you imagine being too tired to see zombie movies? We did make it to the "Apocalyptic Shorts" film festival at 9:00 and it was pretty good. I don't remember the names of most of the films. We saw a reprise of Zombie Love and a short called something like 7 Minutes or something like thatAfter. It was a zombie movie filmed in black and white from first person perspective. It reminded me a bit of a video game. It was pretty good and the creator (director & writer) was really nice. I wish I remembered if that was the right name. Update: Jantis reminded me that it was named After in a post he wrote.

We played Carcassonne again with a new player that showed us how it was actually supposed to be played. I lost badly. It wasn't as fun, but maybe that's because I was relearning the rules.

I went back with my friends to their room afterwards to say goodbye. I had an early (ish) flight in the morning and knew I probably wouldn't see them. That pretty much ended the Con experience for me, but it was still a long way home.

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