Blogroll Update II  

Thursday, September 27, 2007

More updates to my blogroll:

NeuroLogica Blog, a blog written by Steven Novella of the New England Skeptical Society. I listen to their podcast, Skeptics Guide to the Universe, which is very good. He writes about "news and issues in neuroscience, but also general science, scientific skepticism, philosophy of science, critical thinking, and the intersection of science with the media and society."

Horror Movie A Day, where Brian posts a review of a horror movie every day. He's really passionate about the craftsmanship (or lack of) that goes into a film and his reviews reflect it. I love the extremes of horror, good and bad, as long as it's entertaining. What better place to find out about them?

Memoirs of a Skepchick, a blog written by another member of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast crew and the editor of Skepchick magazine. Rebecca Watson writes about critical thinking and woo. She also has several guest writers in her crew.

Boobs, Injuries, and Dr. Pepper is written by the ever-humorous Crystal, about her life as a woman and a mom. This isn't a normal mommy blog. Janet, you'd love this one. Unfortunately she doesn't have a way to subscribe via a reader, so I have to remember to check in every so often.

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