Spousal love on a license tag  

Friday, July 13, 2007

While I was driving back from Knoxville this past weekend I saw a license tag that I pondered for quite a while. Hey, it's a long drive and I ran out of podcasts.

The license tag was "LUV WYF 2". In my musings I came up with three things it could mean.

The second thing I thought was maybe his wife has a tag that states, "LUV HSBND" and he was saying he loves his wife too, not two. Hmmm... probably not.

The third thing I thought was that he wanted to get the tag "LUV WYF", but it was taken already and so he stuck a number at the end. Yeah, I've seen "MUFFIN2" and "BIGBOB4", but I doubt anyone would fail to see the misinterpretation of "LUV WYF" with a random number stuck on the end.

But the first thing I thought, and probably the most likely, was that he loves his second wife, obviously as a jab to his first wife. Evil, but a bit funny.

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