64th Skeptics Circle  

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The 64th Skeptic's Circle is up at the skeptical alchemist and it's a good one. I'm thinking that I really could use some courses at NTU. I especially like the list of Liberal Arts courses.

Ninjas have been all the rage up until the skeptical general reveals how they employ their magic. Still, the costume would be fun.

And who wouldn't want to take a course exploring the psuedoscientific methods of the Ghost Hunters? Wouldn't it be great to have a show where a group of people get the Ghost Hunters out to a fake haunting to see if they can fool them?

Studying pyramidology would be interesting, especially if I got to move around blocks that size. It would even amuse the neighbors.

But no course could be as old or as venerated as the course on astrology. It'd go hand-in-hand with buying a telescope and turning it to the stars. I saw an astrology book in the science section of a bookstore yesterday. It wasn't placed there by accident now, was it?

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