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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Matt surprised me on Friday with a new stereo for my car when he picked me up from work. He was off and his brother still had his car on loan, so he told me he didn't want to be stuck home all day without a car. Sneaky!

I've been listening to my IPod through a cassette adapter and the sound was pretty horrid. I made the mistake of buying a cheap adapter this time after wearing out the previous three adapters. I didn't think there would be a difference, but there certainly was.

My weekend was eventful in a fun way. Friday night we played Dawn of War: Dark Crusades until late. We didn't start until 11:00 or so though. Sorry, Dogic, I didn't know if it would be too late to call you.

Saturday we got up early somehow, even with the late night. We were taking Matt's mom to dinner and also trying to arrange to have her car cleaned as a gift. So I ran out to get breakfast while Matt showered. Chick Fil-A definitely makes a good breakfast. I'm glad to see them showing up around here. I've missed them, but this is the first time I've had breakfast there.

There was no mandatory shopping. We arranged to have everyone meet at our house, so there was scrambled cleaning. It's amazing how fast we can get the apartment cleaned under a deadline (with a bedroom to throw all the miscellaneous crap into.. I really need to get that sorted through soon). And, of course, games of Dawn of War thrown in (just me, single player this time).

Everyone met up pretty much on time and my mother-in-law brought me a cake for my birthday last week. I even got some gifts, which were great.

We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, which was good, but way too crowded. It was almost painful to get in the door and past the people to our seat. But the food was good and we had time to kill before the movie, which was Reno 911: Miami. It was funny and more of a tv episode than a movie, but Matt's mom really liked it and that was what was important.

Afterwards there was more late night DOW, this time with Dogic and then sleep. Sunday was a lot of running around with a little DOW thrown in throughout the day (mostly me playing single-player). Do you sense a trend?

I haven't read much more of Excession. I'm having a hard time staying interested. It has a lot of good ideas, but it's just not flowing for me. I have started (and almost finished) reading The Sagan Diary just for a break. It's different, not so much a story, but a book of thoughts. It's interesting in that vein. I loved the part of her talking about language, specifically losing her language.

I have three doctor's appointments this week and next. After finally having good insurance again it's time for those yearly appointments I don't bother with when I'm poor and unemployed or just don't have good insurance.

Yep, not much of interst really going on at the moment, but I'm sure something exciting will happen eventually.

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