update: comedy of errors  

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ok, yes, it can get worse.

The SA locked himself out of his account. The girl that's supposed to run the bridge line did show up, but since my app is the only one still unresolved, she doesn't have anything to do. I feel bad for that. She drove all the way back in (I didn't realize she was not already working.. the manager always made it seem like they're a call center) to get on the call. I feel like a total bitch over that, but it wasn't my call to have her come back on. I just pointed out that I didn't know if there were any other apps outstanding.

Anyway, then the manager gets on and he's a pain in the ass. He micromanages everything I do. I'm working with people in Brazil via email because they don't want to dial into an international toll number (don't blame them) from home. He wants them to call in and has a big blow-up because I don't want to make them. Then the SA dials in and the manager goes away. Even though he's the one that asked him to dial in.

Now I'm just waiting on the database startup and then we're going to contact the app owner to dial-in and test out the box and get sign-off. Then I could go to bed if I wasn't so wound up and could sleep.

Tomorrow I'll laugh about this, I'm sure. But um.. now.. I just feel the need for a neck to wring.

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