comedy of errors  

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I had a server move last night, and yet I was up until almost 5:00 at my brother-in-laws hanging out and playing video games. I was going to call in, but I couldn't access my email address to get the dial-in number. I figured they had my cell phone if there were issues.

I called when I got home and everything was wrapping up. There was a small issue with a piece of hardware, but everything was good to go on the server I was told.

So I went to bed.

My phone range an hour later. Luckily I actually had it upstairs. I scrambled to answer it only to find the SA saying the bridge line was closed and he needed to update his status. Hmmm? I'm half asleep. I thought it was done. No, it's not and he needs me to call the DBA in Brazil.

So I tell him I'll take care of it and he goes back to bed. No access to dial Brazil from my home phone, so I have to use a calling card. The DBA says he'll login and start the database. Then I get an email that he's locked himself out of his account. Can it get worse?

I call the girl that's supposed to be manning the bridge line to see what's going on and she says that she was told it was ok to not call in because everything is done. I patiently explain to her that everything is done. She continues to claim everything is done. So I tell her that fine, I'll just let her client know that.

So I start up the bridge line. 90 minutes later I'm still waiting for the login issue to be resolved. I've been told the girl is supposed to take over the bridge line again, but she hasn't called in. Sleepy.. so sleepy.

I guess I should have stayed home like a good girl and stayed on the bridge line myself. I'm not supposed to have to. They don't like paying us for all of that time. But, it seems like I need to. Next time...

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