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Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm feeling strange today. I'm almost giddy. What an annoying word, giddy. Maybe giddy's not right. Maybe I'll just be slightly perplexed, but mostly happy today.

Work is going ok, although it's slightly uncomfortable since I'm leaving next week. It's been strange to have everyone tell me that they'll miss me. Even people I never really talked to. I guess people are at their best when they think they'll never see you again.

Matt's out of town. The house feels strange when it's empty. I normally like having the house to myself, but tonight it just feels empty. Does that mean something? If I dream about fish and clocks tonight does that mean something?

Really what I want to do is just go to sleep right now, but I know if I do that then I'll wake up in a couple of hours groggy and really hungry with no motivation to get food or make food. I'll get ill from not eating (not starve, mind you, since missing one meal can't make you starve) and grumpy. So instead it's finding food and then logging on to DDO to meet up with friends.

I always complain about not seeing friends and then when I get a chance to hang out with them, what do I do? I feel the need to sleep and miss out on the night. Yay me!

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