A Week of Sun November 4 - 10, 2008  

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You may have noticed that I've started editing my photos. I'm not doing very much. Occasionally I'm sharpening or boosting the color, but sometimes the color is almost too bright on its own. The pictures from Friday have not been color-edited. The sky really did look like it was on fire.

I've had more people stop me while I'm taking pictures to ask me what I'm taking pictures of or to give advice about the shot. One guy asked for my card and said he'd send me list of locations in this area that are good for sunrise pictures. I gave him my business card, but he never emailed.

I'm hoping that means that he just chickened out (or it's stuck in the spam filter - I keep forgetting to check). I really hope that he's not crazy or anything since he knows my name now, a general idea of where I live, and where I work. I didn't even get his name. But more than likely it's not a big deal.

Now that the sun has moved further South I'm still looking for new spots to take sunrise and sunset pictures. There are a few fields near where I look that might work, but it's getting hard to get set up before the sun has set and I'm not feeling very motivated lately to get up before 6 am.

I also imported all of my pictures from early this year into Flickr and wow, I can really notice the difference with the new camera. I think my shots are more interesting now too. Anyway, I can hope I'm improving. Thanks to everyone who's offered encouragement over the months. It's been a long project and I can't wait to show you my favorite shots at the end of the year.

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