A Week of Sunrises Apr 9 - 15, 2008  

Monday, April 14, 2008

Wednesday: Clear, calm day - 6:54 AM CDT

Thursday: Rain - 6:55 AM CDT

Mix of sun and storm - 5:07 PM CDT

The storm on its way out - 5:08 PM CDT

Friday: Pastel painted morning - 6:57 AM CDT

But there's still signs of the storm on the horizon - 6:57 AM CDT

Though the sun peeks through - 7:55 AM CDT

Saturday - More storms - 10:28 AM CDT

Sunday - Not long before the sun set - 6:25 PM CDT

Later, the very last rays of the sun peek through the trees - 8:04 PM CDT

Monday: The sun is rising almost too far to the North to catch from my patio. Next week I'll need to cross the street to catch the sun and I may lose a good perspective of it before summer is done - 6:56 AM CDT

Sunset with a jet trail - I always imagine these are comets at first, but I've never seen a comet before that's so slow moving or that leaves a trail - 7:37 PM CDT

Tuesday: Sunrise with a few circling birds - 6:42 AM CDT

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