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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life has been not really hectic, but much busier lately. And blogging has been the one thing to give. I started to write a post last week, but it fell flat on its face and I never got around to a new topic. It's never been possible for me to force myself to write. Either it's there or it isn't. Perhaps I could learn to force it, but I never like the results.

I didn't even notice daylight savings time coming back around. Most of our clocks set themselves (atomic clocks, cable box, cell phones), but Matt must have set the alarm clock forward. When I read about the time change on Monday I almost panicked, but then I realized I wasn't late and it had been a seamless transition. You know, short of doing away with it, I don't think it could have gone better. Maybe I should look into an atomic alarm clock for next year so we can both ignore it.

I still plan on writing a review of Infidel, but writerdd over at Skepchick posted much of what I wanted to say. I'm looking forward to the second installment and thinking of what I can expound on.

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3 comments: to “ Odds and Ends

  • carli
    Wednesday, March 12, 2008 at 10:12:00 AM CDT  

    I love atomic clocks. It's like they calibrate themselves with the sky. I don't even change the clocks that aren't atomic in my home--the microwave, stove, etc. I just ignore them.

  • Mamacita Chilena
    Wednesday, March 12, 2008 at 11:01:00 AM CDT  

    Getting busy and the blog is the first thing to go.

    I'll drink to that.

  • Nita
    Saturday, March 15, 2008 at 12:11:00 AM CDT  

    Forcing yourself to write...well after you wrote that I have been thinking whether I do that. I do force myself to do many things, like cooking (I don't mind it but it has to be done too routinely for me to like it everytime), gyming (I have to go to the gym right now although I feel so lethargic!) and even at times meeting some people (at times there are some people I like to avoid!) and then what about writing?
    I realise that I don't force myself to write usually, unless it's replying an email I don't want to reply to! But at times I guess I do force myself like when my wrist hurts or my head hurts. I wish there was a way to get one's thoughts on to a pc without doing a thing! Just lie back in bed and let it flow! :)


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