Blogroll Update V  

Monday, March 31, 2008

It's been a while since I've updated my blog roll. These blogs definitely deserved to be mentioned sooner.

(((Billy))) the atheist
The king of parenthesis, (((Billy))) is an atheist goofball (but I only say that in a good way), (so don't take it as a bad thing).

Another Goddamned Podcast
Yes, yes, another plug for the podcast I'm jointly producing with a bunch of other atheist oddballs. Our next podcast should be up tomorrow.. or tonight if I really get a jump on things.

APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) isn't really a blog, but it's a great resource for astronomy events and pictures.

Daylight Atheism
Well, you know, how can you be an atheist blogger and not read Daylight Atheism?

Friendly Atheist
I read too many posts referring to Hermant and finally I had to look into his blog. He's well-written, and well, maybe friendlier than I would be, but hey, is that such a bad thing?

Ars Technica Gaming
My first love was always video games. I'm still searching for a 30 minute weekly podcast purely reporting news and reviews - PC preferred. But you know, utopia hasn't happened either. Meanwhile, Ars Technica gives me most of that in a day.

La Vie Quotidienne
I stumbled upon Shefaly via Paul. Posts are largely about life, society, business, politics, and culture, but they're always interesting.

Sam's Spot
I surfed by Sam's place after she posted on my Blog Against Theocracy post from last year. I love her header picture and her stories about life in the countryside.

Splendid Elles
What more can I say about Elles other than she's splendid? Well, let's see, from her most recent post:

“What, that Elles girl? I think that she’s a total twatbitchcuntwhorestreisand. If she were of legal age, I’d say fuck her!”
Really, you have to read the site to understand.

Such Lovely Freckles's
Ute's new home.

Very Special Monkeys
I found this blog via Ex and I'm happy I did. While he hasn't kept up with his posting commitment lately *nudgenudge* his older posts are definitely worth reading.

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