The Creation Museum Carnival  

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I preparation for Ken Ham's Creation Museum tomorrow, PZ Myers put together a Creation Museum Carnival over at Pharyngula.

The blogosphere has actually done a better job than most media in addressing the scientific flaws in Ken Ham's creationism, which if you think about it, is a rather nasty indictment of the reportage in itself: a bunch of disorganized amateurs have created more coherent criticisms of the bad science than the professionals, who are supposed to inform the public, have done. Rarely do the newspapers report any of the claims that Ken Ham makes about science, and even more rarely do they explain why they are wrong. Almost all of the blog entries on this museum refer to the fact that creationism contradicts well-established scientific principles, even the ones that have as their main intent mocking the "museum"—others put considerable effort into summarizing the science that Ken Ham either does not understand or cynically neglects.

A lot of people in the blogsphere contributed to the effort, including me. Thanks to everyone that's been stopping by!

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