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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Someone posted a few weeks ago asking if I kept a book list. Well, unofficially I usually keep a list of a few books in my head that I want to read much with another list of books on the horizon that are coming out soon and must be read.

But I've recently started using a nifty little program called Book Collector that lets me organize my books. Due to having a small apartment and a lot of books, I've been forced to reorganize them so that I can actually get to the books that I want to read. From that I've started to come up with more of an official "book list."

I usually read more than one book at a time. This is usually due to the temptation of really wanting to read a book while in the midst of another and also the practical need of picking up a book to read when the book I'm currently reading isn't available. I'm afraid I'm not very good at book commitment.

Right now I'm reading three books all at for different practical reasons.

The Planets - Edited by Byron Preiss: This was the next book up on my unofficial list, but it's a largish hardback with a really pretty dust cover and I wanted to keep it nice, so it's ended up being my nightstand book. I read a bit of it most nights before going to sleep.

The Blind Watchmaker - Richard Dawkins: I decided to try tackling this book and it became my "purse book", which is the book I carry around with me in case I'm waiting at the doctor, going to lunch by myself, ect. However, it's a weighty book and that became impractical. It's difficult to read a few paragraphs, put it down, and still keep the thread of thought going for the next reading. It's now mostly in limbo as I haven't picked it up in a couple of weeks. I'm not very far into it and I'm sure eventually it'll become my "nightstand book."

How Do You Know It's True - Hy Ruchlis: I bought this to give away, but then I started reading it. It's small and perfect for a "purse book."

And then there's the list of books to read. I have more than I could read this year, much less this month, but here's a list I'll take a stab at and hope to maybe get 1/3 of the way through before May is over.

The Last Colony - John Scalzi
Lost Languages - Andrew Robinson
War of Flowers - Tad Williams
Darwin's Ghost - Steve Jones
Heart-Shaped Box - Joe Hill
Seasons - Robert Frost
A History of the End of the World - Jonathan Kirsch
American Gods - Neil Gaiman
Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea - Carl Zimmer

Maybe I'll start writing some decent reviews for this blog. I've written reviews in the past, but nothing more than a paragraph or two. I'd like to take the time to write something more in-depth though in the future.

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