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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm back from Atlanta! I'm so happy to be home. I did enjoy the con, but it was a lot busier than I expected it to be. But I have pictures and stories, though I imagine I'll just share the pictures.

So here we go...

There were a lot of really good costumes at the con. People would stand around in the hotel lobbies and wait for their pictures to be taken. Seemed odd to me, but whatever floats your boat.

I think this is one of the soldiers from Aliens. There was an entire troupe of them. They had their own booth in the Marriott.

There weren't very many medieval costumes and perhaps this was more classical than medieval.

Comic characters abounded. Here's a pretty decent batman and his brood.

Another batman with another sidekick.. er, villian.

I saw at least two Willie Wonkas. Both costumes were very good.

Confederates, oh my!

Knights were the most popular of the smallish medieval theme.

To Camelot!

Storm Troopers by far were one of the more popular costumes. There was an entire Sith contingent as well that I didn't get any pictures of. These could also be attemptes at Space Marines too, I guess. I'm a little unsure what the paint is for.

More Star Wars...

Was this guy from Star Wars? I don't remember for sure.

More Storm Troopers...

This outfit was fantastic and she was really sweet about letting me take her picture.

More comic characters.

Now we come to the hmm... how do I phrase this? The odd ones.

There were a ton of furries and furry want-to-bes at the con.

I'm not sure what this costume is supposed to be.

And then there's the mediocre; those costumes that are almost good except for something just isn't right.

Holy weight gain, Batman!

Umm.. I think I'm going wash my eyes.

And then there's just the people that are downright too brave.

It's not even the costume.. it's just the way that she's sitting that struck me as too much.

This one I didn't even realize I took (she was off to the side on a picture). The school girl outfit was popular (Harry Potter or otherwise), but she's a bit tall to be a school girl.

And because Cthulu trumps all:

I somehow managed to pick up con crud. By that I mean I have a head cold that's absolutely disgusting. No, I tried to avoid contact with anyone I didn't know, but there were just so many people and I didn't get much sleep many of the nights.

Off to hack and wheeze some more and hopefully pop some nyquil and sleep long after I get home tonight.

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6 comments: to “ con recap

  • Ben
    Wednesday, September 6, 2006 at 7:06:00 PM CDT  

    Ha! Great pictures...I love the portly green clone trooper. Funny, I figured since they are clones they should all be the same? The chubby biker scout is good too, but the odd ball stuff at the bottom is the best. Looks fun!

  • Jantis
    Thursday, September 7, 2006 at 8:21:00 AM CDT  

    1) The tall lanky thing is from Fifth Element, I believe.
    2) The Incredibles girl was fantastic. And yes she was very sweet - we chatted most of the way across the road as I recall.
    3) The monkey thing with the alien head is from some campy movie - Kentucky Fried Movie or Groove Tube or one of those wacky weird movies.

    It was so great to spend the weekend with ya, Jenn. I've really missed you and was glad we got to hang out so much.

    Oh, I had a few e-mails back and forth with the guy who directed Strange Aeons. He's really nice and even invited us out to Portland when he's making his next film. He said he'd find a way to get Trev on set. How's that for cool?

    I think the film fest was still my fave, even though it went so late. We watched the silent film "The Call of Cthulhu" and it is awesome! I highly recommend it.

    Looking forward to next year already...


  • encephalophone
    Thursday, September 7, 2006 at 12:25:00 PM CDT  

    Hey, you didn't happen to get Elastigirl's phone number did you? No? Ah well, I knew it was a stretch. ;)

  • Jantis
    Thursday, September 7, 2006 at 2:09:00 PM CDT  

    Ouch! A stretch! Ouch!

    I did tell her she looked incredible, though.


    I'm sure that's the first time she'd heard that!

    Hey, come to think of it, maybe the tall lanky thing isn't from Fifth Element, but from The Dark Crystal.

  • Venjanz
    Thursday, September 7, 2006 at 10:10:00 PM CDT  

    Did you see a Palpatine by chance? The clone troopers were cool, and so was the Batman. The women... well I can always go to Westport to see those outfits.


  • ordinarygirl
    Monday, September 11, 2006 at 10:01:00 AM CDT  

    No Palpatine, but there was a guy in a really cool-looking Predator outfit and later that evening we saw an alien (more of a very large popping baby alien) in the lobby of the hotel we stayed at. I didn't get any pictures of them though.

    You know, it was one of those weird events where you people are just chatty with each other, whether they know you or not. Sometimes it was a little strange and sometimes it was fun, but it was always funny.


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