Wednesday, July 05, 2006

We're moving this weekend. Yay for moving.. boo for all the work involved. I've done very little packing. We're hoping to just get the furniture and essentials moved on Saturday and then come back over the next week to pack up and move the rest. Some stuff will just be trashed since we won't have much room. I'm happy. I always like to have the excuse to get rid of things. I'm such a pack rat.

Now I'm in the process of updating my address everywhere. It's amazing how many companies I have to update it with. Since we have to keep the power, water, and gas hooked up at the house, there's multiples too. Some allow updates online behind a secure login, which is really, really nice. The post office lets your change address for $1.00 online. $1.00 isn't a lot, but it seems odd to charge $1.00 to process it, since it's easier to process it off online rather than by paper. Maybe it's something to do with the digital signature (bank account with the new or old address).

Work is a mess, but what's new? I'm just dealing with things as they happen. No one wants to do things head of time or plan and it's just easier to address them as they come up. I had 5 servers scheduled to move this weekend along with my own move. Three were mercifully canceled (the hardware wasn't ready), so hopefully I'll get some sleep at some point.

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