Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Maybe I am depressed. Yesterday when I got home from work I just fell apart and started crying, tumbling into the abyss of my own self-pity. It wasn't anything big, but one thing after another just kept happening and I felt worse and worse until I lost it. Maybe it was just hormones. I've been trying to get my birth control refilled now for the past two weeks to no avail. I hate dealing with doctor's offices and insurance companies. Don't tell me that contraceptives aren't covered under my health care plan. I will find a fork for the head somewhere (stolen, yes, but great phrase).

Today is better. I'm frustrated about work still, but it's getting better. I actually have a kickoff meeting scheduled for tomorrow for my project, so I'm getting somewhere, at least.

Poor Matt. He has his own difficulties and now I'm being difficult too.

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