Friday, February 03, 2006

I just got home from an interview. There's always something about interviews that makes me feel uneasy. And even though I usually do pretty well, I always feel like I've done horribly. And what is up with sweating during interviews? I rarely, if ever, sweat (unless it's a good workout at the gym). Lately I've been sweating, but only in my mid-section during interviews. Ewww.

Anyway, now I've filled with a bunch of nervous energy and I'm not sure what to do with my evening. Matt's working. I have plenty of things I should be doing to get the house ready to sell, but I just want to relax. Maybe a glass of wine and a good book or movie will be the thing for the night.

I feel like a child in some ways. Small and nervous and yet, I know there's no reason to feel that way. Whatever happens, it's all going to work out eventually.

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