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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I haven't written much lately because life has been hectic. I've also been tired and not feeling very well. I hardly feel like I can keep up with everything that's going on.

The biggest news is that I received a job offer today. The offer was verbal, and I haven't yet received a written offer, so I'm still not sure whether to believe this is happening or not. It's a six month contract, which makes me kind of nervous, but it's also a very good opportunity. I'll actually have an official job title with the word "manager" in it, although it'll also include "junior" as well. I think I'll be able to gain a lot of experience from this job as long as I'm working with people who are willing to mentor me a little bit. I think I'll be busy from the start, so I'm a little afraid that it will be overwhelming.

But it's a new job!! And just as rumors of more layoffs are looming at my current company. I haven't yet written a resignation letter and I won't resign until I recieve a written offer that meets the terms of what has already been discussed verbally. I am not looking forward to resigning. My current boss has been very nice to me and it's going to suck to quit and dump all of my work on him. But, I have to do what's best for me and my current job is certainly not what's best for me.

Also, school has been more demanding lately. The writing assignments have picked up. I usually have an assignment due each week in my technical writing class and I have a short story due in my creative writing class in three weeks. That's on top of all of the reading/studing and work-work and trying to relax and selling the house (which I've made no headway on as of late).

Which reminds me that I want to post some of my own poetry here. I will once I've been able to take the feedback I received in class and write another revision.

And I need to catch up on emails. I'm sorry I haven't written back yet, Mike. I plan to very soon. I just have to make it through work and class tomorrow.

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