New Moon  

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009 8:34 PM CDT

The moon is actually about 27% of full, but it was the first moon of the new year.

My remote wasn't working, but I set the camera up on a tripod and used the timer and that combo worked perfectly. I've never been able to get detail of the moon during night before.

I've been capturing a couple of moon pictures during the month and hope to publish a set in February. It's a lot more challenging capturing the moon than the sun. On cloudy nights there's little hope of catching a glimpse and in the cold air, I'm not willing to wait around. I also have trouble remembering to get outside in the middle of the evening. I can't always capture a good picture during my daily commute.

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5 comments: to “ New Moon

  • Tonyia
    Tuesday, January 13, 2009 at 8:17:00 PM CST  

    Another amazing picture!

  • Venjanz
    Thursday, January 15, 2009 at 12:37:00 AM CST  

    Nice! Did you use your tripod to get this?

  • Mamacita Chilena
    Thursday, January 15, 2009 at 12:50:00 PM CST  

    Fantastic photo! My husband is really into night time photography, I don't have the patience for it...but clearly the end result is worth is...

  • Dale
    Saturday, January 17, 2009 at 12:31:00 AM CST  

    Nice picture.

    It's amazing how hard it is go get a good moon picture. A while ago I read something that helped me. Even though you are in the dark, the moon is in full direct sunlight, so it is much closer to a daylight shot.

    One of my other tricks for night pictures, is on my 20D if you turn on both the mirror lockup and the timer, the timer only takes a couple seconds seconds. Nice if you are outside in the cold.

  • Ordinary Girl
    Saturday, January 17, 2009 at 8:14:00 AM CST  

    Toniya: Thanks!

    Venjanz: Yes, I've been using my tripod and testing different camera settings.

    Mamacita: Thanks! Yeah, I'm still not sure what I'm doing with night time photography, but it's been fun experimenting, other than the weather.

    Dale: Thanks for coming by and commenting. I've been using the timer and setting it to take two continuous shots. Most of the time the moon is too bright if I don't use the flash. I'm not sure why that is, but maybe the dark sky needs a little offset.

    I was able to get an amazing picture of the full moon though with shutter priority set. I didn't change any settings though and I'm such a noob at this that I didn't write down what settings I used. None of my other shots have been as good, but I'll keep experimenting.


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